NV-6 Honeycomb

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The Honeycomb NV6 Thruster surfboard fin is a medium sized template, available in both FCS and Futures base.A highly functional template designed to cover a wide range of conditions and surfing styles. With more surface area than the NV-5.2s the NV6's will provide increased drive and control down the line and through turns without feeling rigid. We thinned out the trailing edge and tip of this template ensuring plenty of release when desired. One of our most progressive, versatile thruster sets.


Base: 4.35 inch / 11 cm

Height: 4.56 inch / 11.6 cm

Area: 15,12 sq inch / 97.5 sq cm

Sweep: 34.1 Degrees

Foil: Flat - Serie III

Weight Range: 140-200 lbs / 65-90 kg

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