Long Board fins: The first surfboard fin is attributed to Tom Blake who is said to have nailed (circa mid-'30s) a scavenged metal boat rudder to the bottom of his board. Needless to say, Long Board fins have come a long way since then.

All NVS fins are available in any of a variety of styles. We have developed several different fin series, each with a unique set of performance characteristics and aesthetic.

FiberGlass: Fiberglass is the classic material for fin construction. Tried and true, fiberglass fins have provided surfers with the ideal balance between strength and flex for decades.

EcoSeries. We replaced the fin core with bamboo for maximal performance and minimal environmental impact.

Volan:For those that need an extra tad of flexibility

(You save 5%)
Side Bites
(You save 10%)
CutBack 7.5''
El Capitan 10.5"
The Kai 6" Glass
(You save 17%)
The Duke 8" Glass
(You save 14%)