Love of the ocean

Surfing is a liquid sanctuary,
A harbor in storms of anxiety and unease.
A direct trestle between us and the ocean world,
our boards connect us to the pulse and sprawl of earth’s deepest forces,
and on them we move like fluid between form and formlessness.

All energy, matter and life in the universe
Exists and moves in the oscillations of waves.
We humans remain exquisitely attuned to a marvelous multiplicity of waves,
and find pleasure in deciphering their hidden harmonies.
We resonate with waves, so deeply
they trigger upwellings of powerful emotions.

Hear the sound waves emanating from an instrument,
traversing space to subtly quiver the ear’s membrane,
its shiverings caressing the convolutions of our consciousness.
Now see the peach and vermillion pastels of an ethereal sunset over the ocean.
Electromagnetic waves burst from the distant pandemonium of the sun.
The same air we breathe filters and softens their spectrum,
and some infinitesimal fraction of these survivors
end their 8-minute lives on our retinas,
their tiny quanta of energy finally translated into poetry.

Coherent ocean waves are born of the pandemonium of wind.
The chaotic energy of lashing storms ravishes cold waters,
and through that liquid medium travels a coalescing sinusoid,
a moment of turquois harmony surging over a tropical reef.

Surfing cultivates the recognition of each of these moments.
We step away from our increasingly complex and convoluted lives,
from the gnaw of obligations and expectations.
It allows us to embrace the majesty of the essential,
the interaction with the beauty and perfection of a smooth wave clears the mind.

Surfing is liquid meditation. It simplifies,
boils the moment down to the bare essential,
to the naked reality.

Join us... Surf naked.