Surfing is a lifestyle that lends itself to a deep appreciation for the ocean. We, as surfers, are finely attuned to it's abundant beauty. We find ourselves mesmerized by the oscillating ocean waves that carry energy from stormy seas to our beaches.

Those of particularly creative nature, strive to interpret the allure of waves, in all their forms. Imagine, for a moment, the colors of a breathtaking sunset over the pacific. This explosion of color is a result of light waves; flowing from the sun, filtered by the atmosphere, finally captured by our retinas. Visual art is the craft of rendering light waves in a way that resonates with some facet of our aesthetic.

At NVS we cherish these ocean-minded artisans, who capture the essence of our common passion, the ocean. We encourage you to do the same

Michele Puliti

Ivan Trovalusci

Marcio Canavarro

Jamin Barnes

Myles Mcguinness

Neil Ratnavira